Estonian Student Satellite ESTCube-1 Set for Launch

Estonia is to conduct its first space mission in April 2013. Around 100 students and scientists have contributed to creation of the roughly one-kilogram satellite, which was nearly six years in the making. The satellite was used as the basis for 40 research projects and three doctoral theses.

Estonian student satellite ESTCube-1 in space

The Estonian student satellite ESTCube-1 was presented to the public and press in Tallinn’s TV tower on 21 January, 2013.
Daamid ja härrad, lubage esitleda: Eesti esimeneFacebook
Urmas Kvell and Silver Lätt are about to uncover the precious cube with sides just 10 cm long.
Eesti esimese satelliidi ESTCube-1 esitlus 21.01.2013 | FacebookFacebook
Mart Noorma, Vice-Dean for Studies at the UT Faculty of Science and Technology (on the left) is the satellite project initiator and leader. Quoting Noorma: “The students have worked really hard to fit the whole important mission into the little cube […] The project’s biggest value to the Estonian state and nation is this new generation of young engineers and scientists who received from here a very practical experience in developing high technology with their own hands, which is applicable not only in space but in the electronics industry as a whole.“
Eesti esimese satelliidi ESTCube-1 esitlus 21.01.2013 | FacebookFacebook
At the presentation, Paul Liias managed to explain the construction of the satellite in half a minute.
Paul Liias sai kogu satelliidi konstruktsiooni …Facebook
Take a panoramic look and have a feel of the presentation moment in Tallinn TV tower:
Presentation of the first Estonia’s satellite ESTCube-1Europe is generally agreed to be the birthplace of western culture, including such legendary innovations as the democratic nation-state, …
ESTCube-1’s main function in space will be to conduct experiments with an electric solar wind sail, which scientists believe may allow space travelers to one day move faster and across greater distances. The satellite will be transmitting data to Tartu Observatory in Tõravere. See the video presentation of the satellite from the team, introducing the possible missions where the satellite could play a role:
ESTCube-1 Promo (ENG)ESTCube-1
After the presentation, the satellite was sent off to the European Space Agency’s launch site in French Guiana. It is due to lift off, alongside two others, on a launch vehicle at the beginning of April. The ESTCube-1 will then travel 680 kilometers from Earth, where it will test solar sail technology developed by Finnish researcher Pekka Janhunen. See the video model of how it is supposed to happen:
Deployment detumblingESTCube-1
Spinup tether deployESTCube-1
This short video story is about the making of the ESTCube-1, the record-breaking plans involving the satellite, and future missions:
First Satellite Near Completion | Videod | News | ERREstonian Public Broadcasting News in English
And finally, here is the fabulous team who made it all happen:
Eesti esimese satelliidi ESTCube-1 tiimFacebook
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Look for more info and photos on the satellite’s Facebook page:
ESTCube-1The ESTCube project was started in summer 2008. The objectives of the ESTCube-1 mission include the…
Follow the mission and check how much time is left until the launch of ESTCube-1 on the satellite homepage:
Home | ESTCube

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