Student Career Podcast: Myroslava at Fortumo

On 30 May 2014, the leading mobile payments provider Fortumo will keep their doors wide open for students. Today, we are taking a sneak peek at what it feels like to work at Fortumo with the help of their fresh employee, Myroslava Stavnycha, who is also a first-year master’s student of software engineering at the University of Tartu.

Myroslava Stavnycha

Myroslava on the day of our interview.

We meet on a warm sunny day and head to what used to be Tartu’s first photo lab in the university’s Old Anatomical Theatre for the interview. Myroslava is smiling. She is 21 and comes from Kiev, Ukraine. She is very open, smart, beautiful and sincere.

Myroslava’s department is pretty close to our interview spot — also offering beautiful views on Toome Hill and enjoying luxurious proximity to the town centre. It’s exam time. “I wish I could live without sleeping during this period”, jokes Myroslava, “but it’s OK; it’s not that hard at all”.

A month ago she landed her first ‘office job’, as she calls it, at Fortumo: “I had quite a lot of free time, so I could dedicate it to working on something useful”. How did she get the job? “Well, I knew that there were some job opportunities there because it was advertised a lot at the university”, Myroslava says.

She seems to enjoy Fortumo so far: “The atmosphere is warm and people are friendly. I like my team”. She goes on to praise her colleagues, who are willing to teach and guide her.

Myroslava says that she is not attached to any place, that all roads are open, everything is easy, and it’s just hard to decide where to go and live. She doubts that she is going back to live in Ukraine, but admits that a month or two ago her days started with reading the news and crying. Then she would call her relatives and friends to connect and share emotions.

It turns out that Myroslava’s name means ‘peace and glory’ in Ukrainian. That’s what we wish for Ukraine. And for Myroslava.

Listen to the podcast interview with Myroslava Stavnycha:

You are welcome to visit the Fortumo Open Doors Day on 30 May 2014!

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