Submit a story

You are welcome to submit a story related to the University of Tartu. We particularly look forward to contributions from our researchers, students, and alumni.

What can I write about?
You can write about anything that you have a passion for and that has a connection to the University of Tartu.

If you are a researcher at UT, you are welcome to share the insights of your research in a manner that is understandable to a general, albeit intelligent, public. You can also comment on recent discoveries in your field, providing a broader context and explaining their significance.

If you are a student at UT, you can write about your study experience, area of research, or student life.

If you are our alumnus(-a), please share your memories of UT and Tartu, or tell readers about your career and how your education has played a role in it.

Before you start writing, please brief your idea with the editor, just to be sure that you are on the right track and that your story has a good chance of being published.

How long should my story be?
The normal fit would be 1–3 standard pages. The rule of thumb is that the more interesting your topic and engaging your writing is, the longer your story may be.

What makes a good story?
Some essential components of a good story include: an interesting topic (would you tell this to a friend?), skilful writing (try writing as you would normally speak; avoid terminology that is too specific), good visual material (e.g. photos of you doing the fieldwork or partying, depending on your topic), and a personal touch.

For your guidance, here are the top 10 stories on UT Blog in 2019.

Who will read my story?
UT Blog receives 6,500 monthly visitors (that is average for 2019), 84 per cent of whom come from outside of Estonia. We share our stories via the University of Tartu’s international Facebook page, Twitter, and a monthly newsletter. The number of readers varies widely from story to story, so your story’s reach depends greatly on the topic and quality. We can give you the statistics on your story’s readership if you are interested.

I need to promote my programme/course/event/publication. Can you help?
It depends. The content and stories on UT Blog should provide value and be interesting to the general reader. This means that we don’t publish announcements, but we can publish stories related to your course or event (think content marketing). Please contact the editor for further advice.

What if my English isn’t perfect?
No worries – it needn’t be perfect, just decent. We work with a professional language editor who is a native speaker of English, so he will polish your writing. If you can, please write in British English.

I have a great topic, but I can’t write. Can you help?
Maybe – please send a clue to the editor.

Is writing the only option to contribute?
Absolutely not. Record some audio, shoot a video, make a slideshow, or mix it all up.

Further questions?
Please send them to: katrina.joks[at]