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Facing the Truth of Growing Old

Let’s face it: most of us are afraid of growing old. But how to age gracefully? What is age management and how does it differ from anti-ageing treatments? Continue reading

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How Yoga Became My Morning Cup of Coffee

Remo Gramigna from Italy shares the story of how yoga, which he believed to be an utterly useless practice, became his morning cup of coffee. Continue reading

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Anti-Ageing Lifestyle Keeps You Young for Longer

Find out how and why your lifestyle choices can prevent premature ageing and increase your mental and physical well-being. Continue reading

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Tip: How to Survive Your Seated Lifestyle

Long periods of seated immobility have become the norm, bringing in a multitude of serious health problems, even death. Based on 40 years’ work in rehabilitation medicine and his recently defended PhD at the University of Tartu in Estonia, doctor Ragnar Viir gives an easy-to-follow tip on how to survive the seated lifestyle. Continue reading

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Why Do Women Outlive Men?

Estonian women outlive men by 11 years – but why? Sociologists and demographers point to self-destructive behaviours in men, as well as their greater risk of contracting heart disease, but they overlook the underlying causes of these woes. Peeter Hõrak, Professor in Physiological Ecology of Animals at the University of Tartu, puts this phenomenon in the context of the theory of sexual selection. Continue reading

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