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Gamification of History: Explaining Soviet Culture Through Digital Formats

Semioticians of the University of Tartu have developed the digital learning project “History on Screen” that explains Soviet culture through an interactive digital format. Continue reading

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Memories About Travelling During the Soviet Times

Mare and Leho Ainsaar describe their trip to Talysh in April 1987 and how many marriages it led to. The story was originally published in the book “Otsides Spunki” (“Searching for Spunk”) – a book filled with travel memories during the Soviet Union times, written by people who work at the University of Tartu. Continue reading

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Katyń at Cambridge

The transnational research project entitled “Memory at War: Cultural Dynamics in Poland, Russia, and Ukraine” seeks to understand the controversies of modern memory in the former Soviet space. Maria Mälksoo, a Senior Researcher at UT Institute of Government and Politics, writes about Katyń, the topic of the project’s inaugural workshop in Cambridge. Continue reading

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