The Ultimate Student Experience – Tartu Student Days!

For a while now, the team of Tartu Student Days has been organizing something amazing, something you have been waiting for many months now. A week-long (student) festival that fills our beloved Tartu with the most exciting events of the year.

The organizers of Tartu Student Days full of crazy ideas and bubbling energy. Photo credit: Hanna Rattasepp

But well.. what are those so-called “student days” anyway, huh? Student Days festival is aimed at the younger generation, to the ones who spend their days indoors studying or working. We, the volunteers (and also students!) want to make your time as a fellow student in Tartu as memorable as possible. The festival organizers spend their days generating new exciting and super cool events you might want to take part of to relax and have a break from the ordinary student life.

Since there are more than 150 different events during the festival, we have made you an example guide for an ultimate festival experience. Here are some of the most exciting events.

The Night Song Festival

You might have heard something about the famous song festivals where thousands of people sing side by side the songs they love the most. The legend says that these events are the rare occasions where Estonians get emotional and might even shed a tear. That’s why attending it is an absolute must in order to get a real Estonian experience! These events are for the whole family to spend time together and sing some really cool songs together with others. Actually it’s an event where you don’t have to worry if you can or can’t sing, because there will be so-so many people around you and you literally won’t care about how you really sound. This year we have moved the Students’ Night Song Festival to a new exciting location  we are taking you to Tartu Snowpark, right next to the new Estonian National Museum.

Thousands of young people singing side-by-side. Photo credit: Argo Ingver

The Farmer Simulator

To complement the real Estonian experience, the Farmer Simulator is the event to attend. Every Estonian has a grandmother or grandfather living somewhere in the countryside and that’s why most Estonians have planted thousands of potatoes in their lives and perhaps even milked a cow. During Student Days there is no need to go and look for these experiences in the countryside. They will be brought to the centre of Tartu for courageous students to try out the real country life!

Songbattle and Student Days Karaoke

Once you’ve attended the Night Song Festival you’re fully prepared for your next musical adventure. Or rather a musical feud called the Songbattle, where the melomaniacs of Tartu compete on the musical battleground to find out who knows the most songs. There’ll be sparks of excitement flying in the air as the teams battle for victory, so come and have look at this Pitch Perfect inspired rip-off. Songbattle will be followed by the Student Days Karaoke where everybody is welcome to join in and have fun!

The Student Street

The Student Street on Vabaduse avenue is the culmination point of the festival week. Two days, one street and plenty of events to fill the entire weekend. There will be food trucks offering the best Estonian street food and legendary student events which everybody should experience or take part of at least once in their lifetime. For example, the widely-loved flying machine contest Karsumm, where students build their own flying machines and then attempt to fly over the river Emajõgi. Nobody hasn’t been able to achieve it yet but perhaps this year it’s finally happening. Or the legendary Boat Race which gives students a chance to compete in the waves of Emajõgi with tens of other boats in order to claim the winner’s glory and amazing prizes. There will definitely be a lot going on in the Student Street during that weekend and if you don’t get a chance to take part of the events on previous days then this is the place to be to still get the ultimate student festival experience.

Feel free to be creative legendary flying machine contest Karsumm. Photo credit: Argo Ingver

The big Walpurgis Night concert

Walpurgis night is one of the most important night for students during the entire year. On that night the power of the city will be handed over to the students and the biggest celebrations of the year may begin. The highlight of the night is the big Walpurgis night concert in the centre of the city where some really well-known Estonian artists will perform. It will be an unforgettable show with fireshow and best music. The concert will be followed by multiple parties held all over the city: in fraternities, sororities, clubs and pubs.

But there’re plenty of other events to attend as wel! So come out of your student den during the next week because something exciting is happening on every corner of Tartu. Student Days are in town on 24-30 April.

Find out more on Student Days Homepage, Facebook page, Instagram and the MAIN Facebook event.

Johanna Lehtmets is the Media Manager of Tartu Student Days.

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