12 Most Popular Stories on our Blog in 2011

Stepping into the new year, let’s take a short look back and see what was popular on our blog in 2011. The 12 best liked stories cover a wide range of topics both in research and university life, offering sort of a crosscut of the year.

1. Student Video: I Just Can’t Get Enough!

This is a diary video by Rūta Petersonaitė, a fourth year student of publishing at Vilnius University, about her 2010/2011 semester in Tartu, Estonia. Continue reading →

2. Why “Searching for My Roots” Also Means “Working on My Fluency”

Virve Vihman, adviser to the UT Rector on internationalisation, discusses the issues of language and identity through her own story of growing up as an Estonian-American in California. Continue reading →

3. Estonia Considered A Loose Country

Estonia, together with the Ukraine, Hungary and Israel are cultures that may be considered quite loose in terms of socially accepted behaviours and tolerance, shows a study in the Science magazine comparing 33 nations. Continue reading →

4. The University of Tartu’s 2010 in 18 Colourful Photos

This is a collection of some colourful pictures marking the year 2010 at the University of Tartu, Estonia. See the photos →

5. How The Weather Affects Our Emotions?

Many believe that the sun makes us happy and rain brings sorrow. Doctoral candidate in psychology Liisi Kööts and her supervisors Jüri Allik and Anu Realo compared weather data with individuals’ self-evaluated emotions. Continue reading →

6. Happy Tweets from Room 351

Six girls, all of them international students at the University of Tartu this autumn semester, have been tweeting from a collective account @Raatuse349351. Here are some of their tweets, highlighting different sides of international student life enjoyed in Tartu by … Continue reading →

7. Tip: How to Survive Your Seated Lifestyle

Long periods of seated immobility have become the norm, bringing in a multitude of serious health problems, even death. Based on 40 years’ work in rehabilitation medicine and his recently defended PhD at the University of Tartu in Estonia, doctor Ragnar Viir gives an easy-to-follow tip on how to survive the seated lifestyle. Continue reading →

8. “Excuse Me, Have You Fallen Down?”

The University of Tartu researchers presented ROBO M.D., a home care robot which monitors and detects critical situations which need prompt medical attention for elderly people or people with cardiovascular diseases. Continue reading →

9. A Year in Tartu

Francesco Orsi is a postdoctoral researcher at the UT Department of Philosophy. Today, on his birthday, Francesco shares his thoughts on the first year spent in Tartu. Continue reading →

10. Concert: Ka Moosiga & Too Hot For Teacher

Last Friday, teachers and students were rocking the audience at the Athena Centre in Tartu. A hardrock band THFT (Too Hot For Teacher) got the show going while Ka Moosiga, comprised of our uni’s international students, a postdoc researcher and … Continue reading →

11. Dark…and bright yellow days

Cintia Elb, a UT international student from Brazil, has created her own plan for coping with the dark time in Estonia: It’s about making the dark yellow days bright. Continue reading →

12. “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution”

I’m a Mobilitas-funded post-doc in Tartu University, working in the lab of Tanel Tenson in the Institute of Technology. I write a blog about my research, and I’ve been kindly invited to write a guest post for the UT blog. … Continue reading →

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