The University of Tartu’s 2010 in 18 Colourful Photos

Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves at the Estonian Genome Centre

On January 10, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves visited the Estonian Genome Centre at the University of Tartu. On his right is Centre Director Andres Metspalu and behind the President is our Vice-Rector for Research, Kristjan Haller.

Photo exhibition by Jaan Künnap: “The ascent of Mount Ararat 180 years later”

Visitors explore the photo exhibition by Jaan Künnap entitled “The ascent of Mount Ararat 180 years later”, which documents the joint effort of Estonian and Turkish mountaineers in October 2009 to commemorate 180 years since Johann Parrot, professor of Physics at the Imperial University of Dorpat (Tartu) and future rector, reached the peak of the very same mountain.

The Ambassador of Chile to Estonia and UT Rector

The Ambassador of Chile to Estonia, Carlos Parra Merino, hands the exequatur over to our Rector, Professor Alar Karis, on his becoming Chile’s Honorary Consul.

U.S. Ambassador to Estonia Michael C. Polt at the University of Tartu's Art Museum

Our head of International Cooperation, Sirje Üprus, shows the 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy from the University Art Museum’s collection to U.S. Ambassador to Estonia Michael C. Polt.

Estonian Ex-Prime Minister Mart Laar and MP, ex-Rector Peeter Tulviste

University alumnus, historian and ex-Prime Minister Mart Laar hurries to the symposium on Estonian memories and lives. In the foreground is Member of Parliament and our ex-Rector Professor Peeter Tulviste.

The Narva College Children’s University in Tartu with guest lectures

The Narva College Children’s University visited Tartu with guest lectures. Children here queue up for their certificates after the lecture in the Main Building.

Tallinn-Tartu train

High schoolers getting off the special Tallinn-Tartu train in operation on the university’s Open Doors Day on March 24.

Rector Alar Karis at the University Library

Rector Alar Karis tries out the new equipment at the University Library’s freshly renovated first floor. On his right stands the library director at the time and current Vice Rector for academic affairs, Martin Hallik.

Flooding in Tartu

Spring 2010 saw extensive flooding in and around Tartu. Our photographer Ove Maidla rose to bird’s-eye height to capture some captivating views.

Academic Female Choir celebrates its 65th anniversary

On April 17, our Academic Female Choir celebrated its 65th anniversary with a colourful performance in the Assembly Hall. In front of the choir sits main conductor Triin Koch, recognised by the Estonian Choral Association as Conductor of the Year in 2008.

Academic organisations in Tartu

Academic organisations marching from Vanemuine Street down to the Town Hall square prior to Walpurgis Night on 30 April.

XXVI SELL student games in Tartu

Guest delegations at the opening procession of the XXVI SELL student games in Tartu.

University of Tartu’s first Family Day

Kids took great interest in exploring scientific gear during the university’s first Family Day in October.

Reconstruction: Nikolay Pirogov operates on a wounded soldier

Nikolay Pirogov, professor of medicine at the University of Dorpat (Tartu) and the founder of field surgery, operates on a wounded soldier (reconstruction at Pirogov Hill behind the Town Hall square). On 25 November, Pirogov would have turned 200.

UT Vice-Rector Kristjan Haller

Vice-Rector for Research Kristjan Haller is the 50,000th donor at the university’s Estonian Genome Centre. Comprising data from 5 percent of adult Estonians, the Centre is a part of many international studies. Only Iceland has gathered more genetic information per capita.

ZEISS telescope at Tartu’s Old Observatory

The restored ZEISS telescope is being lifted to its original place at Tartu’s Old Observatory.

Jaan Pärn defended his geology doctorate over Skype

On December 22, with snow hampering travel across Europe, Jaan Pärn defended his geography doctorate over Skype.

Tartu Old Observatory 200 years old

First celebrations at the renovated Tartu Old Observatory on 22 December, which is exactly 200 years since it first opened its doors. Bigger festivities will start on 27 April 2011, when the Observatory will be fully re-opened to visitors.

Photos 1, 3 and 9 were taken by the head of the university’s multimedia services, Ove Maidla. All other photos on this page were captured by university photographer Andres Tennus.

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