5 Tips How To Enjoy Every Second of the Annual Ball

  1. Find a companion or some good friends to feel carefree & happy.

    This event is the chance to feel glamorous! Photo credit: Pixabay

  2. Get together with your friends for a few hours before the ball to get ready. Maybe your friend is a clever makeup artist and will help you out with a sultry smokey eye? A good music and some party games are also some of the many ways how to lift the mood!
  3. Keep an eye on the performers who will take the stage. So you’ll be sure that you don’t miss good events and will take everything from the evening program.
  4. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes because you can dance OH SO MUCH at the ball! It would be sad when the heels are too high or shoes are so uncomfortable that you have to just sit on the chair.
  5. Forget your school, work, and worries.  A spectacular event like this only takes place once a year, so you HAVE TO ENJOY IT!

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to enjoy every minute of the ball! Photo credit: Pixabay

Mari-Liis Koemets is one of the organizers of the ball. 

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