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How uncanny sounds make ghost tours spookier

Ghost tours exist within the nebulous categorisation of dark tourism, which is characterised as visiting sites of death and catastrophe as a leisure pursuit. As grim as this might sound, ghost tours are consistent across the international stage in making … Continue reading

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Photojournalist Sami Siva: Ignorance is more shocking than harsh events

Sami Siva has covered post-conflict and social-issue stories on three continents. His work has been published in The New York Times, TIME, The Guardian, CNN, and other media outlets. Now Sami studies at the University of Tartu. In May 2010, … Continue reading

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How social distancing affects coworking spaces in Estonia

The year 2020 brought along a massive shift towards remote work within a short period of time. The principles of mobile, paperless, and flexible working methods were conceptually established already in the 1970s. However, surveys show that in many EU … Continue reading

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How robots can guide us safely through the pandemic

The World Health Organization has recommended that to cut the chain of Covid-19 transmission, people should keep social distance and avoid touching surfaces in public places. The question is: how we can manage our lives in a way that reduces … Continue reading

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Would you clone your dog?

In 2017, my cohorts and I became the first students for the newly developed Folkloristics and Applied Heritage Studies master’s programme. After a few false starts, I finally found my project topic when I heard that American celebrity Barbara Streisand … Continue reading

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How to see plants again: The plant blindness phenomenon

Plant blindness, or the lack of attention to plants as active agents in ecosystems, may seem to be a harmless ignorance. However, its consequences are directly related to the current state of environmental deterioration. Plants have been of crucial importance … Continue reading

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Five herbs and spices to boost your health

Everybody has used herbs for making tea or seasoning food – for most of us, this is nothing special. But have you thought about the health benefits of the herbs you use? I believe you already know onion, chicory, lavender, … Continue reading

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