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Genomic Study: Indian Rors Have Roots in West Eurasia

A new genomic study highlights the closeness of the Ror and Jat Indian population groups to populations residing west of India, including modern Europe. Continue reading

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The Intercellular Genetic Language Is Our First Language

Professor of Clinical Genomics and Personalized Medicine Alireza Fazeli looks into communication between cells from pregnancy to cancer. Continue reading

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Top 10 Most Read Stories from 2018

Read 10 most popular stories on our blog in 2018. Continue reading

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Scientists Explain Why You Should Get a Real Christmas tree for Your Room, Not a Plastic One

Estonian scientists analysed Christmas trees: What is a plastic Christmas tree made of? Should we prefer plastic or real Christmas trees? Continue reading

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How To Mourn Properly on Facebook?

A study by a University of Tartu graduate student shows that the topic of death is an important and sensitive topic in social media. What will become of the social media accounts of a deceased one? Continue reading

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What About the Truth of Science?

Lisa Zorzato, a PhD student of philosophy, explores the relation between science and the truth. Continue reading

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Digging Deep In Archaeology: The Orange and The Scurvy

PhD student Alessandra Morrone describes how the study of disease patterns in past populations, combined with bone chemistry, offer unique insights into health and dietary issues of the past. Continue reading

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