Christmas Gift Idea: Infinity Scarf in Less Than an Hour

In November, four master’s students of communication management at our Institute of Social Studies – Eliise Ott, Helena Hain, Liina Külv and Kai Reinfeldt – launched a campaign entitled “I’ll make Christmas gifts myself this year!” as a part of their E-marketing course. As part of the campaign, the girls try out a lot of do-it-yourself gift ideas and post the results on the campaign blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

“Buying Christmas gifts has become a somewhat nerve-wracking responsibility, when you oftentimes grab stuff from supermarket shelves that brings no joy to the gift receiver or the giver. We think that a thoughtful Christmas gift is a great sign to our close ones how much we care about them,” said Kai, one of the campaign initiators.

One of the most popular gift ideas that Kai tried making was the so-called infinity scarf, which took her 40 minutes to complete without knitting needles. All you need is 2–4 skeins of yarn and your own hands. For the best result, the yarn should be bulky, stiff, and non-stretchy.

The yarn that Kai used turned out to be a bit too soft and stretchy for this purpose — in fact, she unraveled her old scarf in order to make a new one. So, Kai’s new scarf got some holes in it as a result – one way to go if you don’t want your scarf to be too warm.

This is the video that Kai used to guide her:

And let’s follow Kai’s progress as she went through the steps:

step 1The start has been made…

step 2I can do it!

step 3Beginning to realise that my yarn is too soft…

step 4No big deal – let’s go on!

step 5The scarf is ready, just need to connect the ends…

step 6and voilà 🙂

Kai wearing a new scalf

Hope you got inspired! What are you giving for Christmas? We’re dying to see your self-made gifts – please share!

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