Five Reasons To Visit Tartu

The unpredictable summer weather in Estonia often makes people travel to faraway southern countries during their holidays, when in fact there are exciting tourist attractions here to enjoy on your days off should you wish to spend a memorable holiday in Estonia. Ildiko Siimon, Marketing Manager of the newly opened Hektor Design boutique hostel in Tartu, introduces the most attractive locations in the City of Good Thoughts.

  1. Black Dog Garden and Tartu Organic Gardens

Tartu green thumbs actively contribute to urban gardening by creating spaces where people can distance themselves from the city noise and enjoy fresh air, while doing some gardening if they wish. Visitors have planted herbs and other plants in urban gardens such as the Black Dog Garden and Tartu Organic Gardens. “Organic gardens like these attract more and more green-thumbed people, as well as those who crave the countryside idyll and sometimes just want to feel like they are at granny’s, in the middle of flower beds”, says Siimon.

Black Dog Garden. Photo by:

Black Dog Garden. Photo by: (in Estonian) (in Estonian)

  1. Museum of KGB Cells and University of Tartu lock-up

In addition to more traditional museums, there are two exciting alternatives in Tartu: former detention facilities where the original interior of the rooms takes visitors back to distant eras in Estonian history. “The Museum of KGB Cells’ exhibits give an idea of the crimes of the communist regime in post-war Estonia. The items brought from Siberian prison camps reveal the true nature of deportation. The lock-up in the attic of the university tells the stories of sinful students”, describes Siimon.

Museum of KGB Cells. Photo: Google

Museum of KGB Cells. Photo: Google

  1. Pop-up events at Sisevete Saatkond port (Inland Waters Embassy)

Sisevete Saatkond, known as a unique event location, is a cultural centre floating on the River Emajõgi that hosts beloved performers and a great number of guests in a cosy atmosphere. According to Siimon, the barge which is open all year round is a great place for any kind of event. “It is a unique place where every festive occasion can be worthily celebrated and which creates a long-lasting memory thanks to its unique atmosphere”, she adds.

Sisevete saatkond, literally Inland Waters Embassy. Photo: Google

Sisevete saatkond, literally Inland Waters Embassy. Photo: Google

  1. Barge trips on the River Emajõgi

Emajõgi Barge Association offers cruise lovers the chance to participate in weekly barge sailing and nature trips. In addition to nature-oriented trips, there are also more entertaining barge trips on the River Emajõgi that are great for family gatherings – for example, on pancake trips you can enjoy delicious pancakes while listening to adventure stories of the barge sailors.

Hanseatic Sailing Barge Jõmmu on River Emajõgi. Photo: Jaak Nilson

Hanseatic sailing barge Jõmmu on the River Emajõgi. Photo: Jaak Nilson

  1. Workshops of the Agricultural Museum and Printing Museum

“Any technology-loving person who visits Tartu should definitely visit the Estonian Agricultural Museum, where you can, for example, practice assembling an engine. The Printing Museum workshops welcome everyone who wishes to learn more about ancient printing techniques”, recommends Siimon, adding that both workshops are also interesting to those who have not tried their hand at either of the activities.

Haymaking in Estonian agricultural Museum. Photo: Visitestonia

Haymaking at the Estonian Agricultural Museum. Photo: Visitestonia

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