Foxy Folklorist Mistaken for a Sex Professor

How much can you know about a person from her public digital footprints? Someone tweeting as @foxyfolklorist and writing for the blog My Sex Professor, must at least be blessed with a decent sense of humor, which is quite certain:

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While many of Jeana’s tweets are hilarious, the issues she tackles in her blog could hardly get more serious:

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But then she also studies fairy tales:

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It was fascinating to learn from Jeana’s research blog how folk narrative and fairy tale scholars set out to summarise the reoccurring tale plots in tweets of 140 characters or less to create a whole new typology:

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Research in this manner sounds like a lot of fun, and, well, not only just fun. Jeana has been tweeting a lot about the process of writing her PhD dissertation to be defended at Indiana University this spring. The pain of this tedious process should not be underestimated:

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While sweating over one’s dissertation isn’t too uncommon, rewarding oneself with physical exercise probably is:

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It’s not only yoga, though:

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And that, too, was only a side field. See for yourself:

For Jeana, dance is much more than a mere physical exercise or performance:

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Dance can even provide insight into general research practice and its communication:

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A person exercising one’s body and mind so intensely definitely needs proper food. Jeana’s food-related tweets can easily make anyone salivate, and they are plentiful. Yes, she is a foodie:

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When Jeana isn’t working on her dissertation, running, belly dancing, hooping, cooking, eating, drinking, or tweeting, she is, most obviously –
unless bothered by insomnia – sleeping. Jeana’s dreams are sometimes a continuation of her adventurous research life:

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Is she a party animal?

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Is there anything else you might want to know about Jeana? She is currently a visiting PhD student hosted by the Department of Estonian and Comparative Folkloristics at the University of Tartu. Go find her blogging or tweeting in the virtual space, or out dancing in the real world.

Jeana in Viljandi

Jeana in Viljandi

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