Infographics: International Students at UT

The three infographics below give a quick overview of how many international students are enrolled at the University of Tartu (as of 26 September 2011), what countries they come from, and what they study.

A the end of the month, we had 504 international degree-seeking students and 226 short-term exchange students enrolled at UT. The overall share of international students at UT is relatively low – the highest number are those pursuing PhD studies, comprising 6.7 percent.

Our international students, including both degree-seeking and short-term exchange students, come from the following countries:

The top 5 countries are Finland, Russia, Germany, Latvia and the USA.

You may have noticed a smaller violet bubble on the graph showing Estonia. This denotes 7 international students who study short-term at UT, but are enrolled in other Estonian universities and hold foreign citizenship.

The following shows what international students study at our university. The most popular fields include Medicine, Cybersecurity (a joint programme coordinated by Tallinn Technical University), Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics, Semiotics, Software Engineering, EU–Russian Studies, and Baltic Sea Region Studies:

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3 Responses to Infographics: International Students at UT

  1. Liam Clark says:

    Two Australians? Who is the other one?!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Liam! According to our public database, 2 short-term exchange students from Australia study at UT this semester, one from Monash University and the other from La Trobe University.

  3. fatemeh tavakoli says:

    so tangible and precis.really interesting.thank you very much indeed.

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