Make Your Own UT Snowflake

It does not really matter whether you are near or far – if Tartu is in your heart, carve out a few snowflakes, and the University of Tartu will be with you this holiday season!


You will need a printer to print out the design, a pair of scissors, and a sharp cutting blade for the intricate details of the University Main Building…Okay, maybe also a cutting board to save your table. Plus some patience – a bit more than I had, as you can see from the photo.

First, print the design and cut it out with scissors. Then, fold it and cut out the white areas in the design. My inspiration for the UT snowflake came from these awesome Star Wars snowflakes – Anthony and Matt will show you how to fold and cut the design the right way:

We’d be thrilled to see your snowflakes, as well as how you use them! If it’s not a big deal, please upload some photos to the university’s Facebook page. If you come up with your own UT snowflake design, we would love to feature it as well.

So, get ready and have fun!

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