Photos: The National Fashion Show in Viljandi

Viljandi Culture Academy of UT had its first fashion show on June 5th so that the graduates of the local textile curriculum could present their collection to a wider audience.  13 collections were presented during the “OmaMood” fashion show at the the Viljandi Folk Music Centre, each of them strongly influenced by Estonian national dress or accessories.

It was not a usual fashion show, as the models used dancing to present the dresses and accessories, incorporating many elements of folk dance into their performance.

The first-ever fashion show of this kind was directed by choreography students Sille Ardel and Evelyn Uisk. They had over 50 amateur models from Viljandi Culture Academy alumni and local elementary schools on stage.

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2 Responses to Photos: The National Fashion Show in Viljandi

  1. Ann Köstner says:

    Nice collection but hardly news as the show took place more than 2 months ago. So why post it now?

    • ingulia says:

       Hi Ann, thanks for your comment. It was my decision as an editor to post it. I agree, it could have been earlier, but I don’t think the collection’s value has diminished at all and many have probably not seen it.

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