Our Basque Director in Viljandi: 100 Days in Office

Iñaki Sandoval
As of 1 September 2015, Iñaki Sandoval has been working as Director of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. He met the Academy people for the first time some years ago at a conference in Italy. Later, Iñaki came to visit Viljandi and teach Estonian students. When he was invited to join the Academy’s music department, the director’s position also became vacant. Burning with enthusiasm and abundant ideas, he applied. The rest is history.

Before joining the Academy in Viljandi, Iñaki Sandoval worked at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona as head of the jazz department and dean of master’s studies. And last but not least in this brief introduction: Sandoval is one of the leading jazz pianists of the Spanish music scene, as witnessed by his numerous concerts and albums. On 14 January he will perform at the Tartu Jazz Club.

What follows is a sharp and visionary Twitter interview with Iñaki Sandoval on the present and future of the Viljandi Culture Academy, its students, studies, arts, and management. Enjoy!

Read also the interview with Iñaki Sandoval by UT Magazine in Estonian.

Inga Külmoja is an author and the editor of the UT Blog.

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2 Responses to Our Basque Director in Viljandi: 100 Days in Office

  1. Anno Nimus says:

    “Our BASQUE Director”, says the headline. Surprising the decision from
    Inga Külmoja, to call Basque somebody who was born in Navarra, whose
    mother tongue is Spanish and who has a family name of Spanish origin.

    • ingulia says:

      Hi Anno Nimus – thanks for your comment. This was not my decision in any way. Mr. Sandoval has called himself Basque in another interview; he grew up in Pamplona.

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