Podcast: Museum of The Future (Part 1/2)

We all have been to museums. They usually make their way onto must-see lists when we travel. And even if we don’t find time for museums at home, our dear foreign guests sometimes help us out by asking us to show them our museums (which is why it’s good to be prepared).

This was the first answer to the question: Why talk about museums? If you also know that the University of Tartu has four museums, and that a notable part of the university’s research is connected to museums, then you should be convinced by now that “The Museum of the Future” is a wildly interesting and important topic.

Discussing museum of the future

From left to right: Mariann Raisma, Agnes Aljas and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt are trying to imagine the museum of the future.

Anyway, when the first snow was coming down upon us on a late November morning here in Tartu, Mariann Raisma, director of the University of Tartu History Museum; Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, head of the university’s Institute of Journalism and Communication; Agnes Aljas, our doctoral student and research secretary at the Estonian National Museum; and yours truly met at the History Museum to discuss the museum of the future.

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