Tartu: Student-Friendly and Open-Minded. There Is History Here.

Reportedly, it only takes one-tenth of a second to make a first impression. It might take a bit longer to make an impression about a new city or country, though. We asked our new international students about their first impressions from Estonia, Tartu, and the university. Here is what Václav from Czech Republic, Rūta from Latvia, Elena and Ivan from Russia, Ilona from Finland, Desiree from Canada, Connor from the USA, and Michael from Kenya shared with us on Twitter.

New international students at the University of Tartu

New international students at the orientation week events in August 2014. Image credit: Andres Tennus.

What are your first impressions about Estonia and Tartu?

What is your biggest surprise in Tartu?

Any myths about Estonia that appeared to be false (or true)?

Do you have a favorite place in Tartu yet?

What do you expect from your studies in Tartu?

Are you scared of winter?

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