The Colours of Spring in Estonia

When I started to think about this post, I realised how much I have been inspired by colours lately. It must be the spring effect. I noticed also that my last post was all about winter colours in Estonia. Since our winter was quite dark and long in my opinion, the last week finally arrived to show us the beauty of spring in Estonia.

The spring bringing the national colours of Estonia | © 2012 Cintia Elb

These days, being outside is just perfect and the fresh breeze invites us to enjoy each moment. I have been waiting for these days to take long walks around Tartu whilst exploring every detail. It arrived in a perfect combination of great weather, days off and the Student Days.

The city was full of activities and I took part of some of them. Most places are quite familiar to us, but I still wanted to see them in a different colour. After long walks, amazing concerts, flowers blossoming everywhere, new explorations, and the funny paadiralli, I can say that spring has finally arrived in Estonia.

Paadiralli - Student Days in Tartu | © 2012 Cintia Elb

It’s time to get out and about, and enjoy the long days as much as possible. It’s never too late to organise your life and spring cleaning could be a good start.

Open your windows and let the fresh air infect your house with lots of good energy. In your heart you will be very thankful and the colours will be even more colourful.

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