The Story Behind The ‘Free Hugs Tartu’

On 5 December, a bunch of international students at UT decided to share some love and positiveness with random people around the city. Five brave guys: Lexo (Georgia), Bram (Belgium), Miky (Spain), Vignesh (India) and Jan-Hendrik (Netherlands) headed to the Town Hall square carrying posters saying ‘Free Hugs’ and the Estonian equivalent:  ‘Jagan kallistust‘. The girls Andrea (Slovakia), Joanna (Poland) and Daria (Russia) joined in later. Mirac (Turkey) captured the whole endeavor and produced an adorable video:

After the video was released, I interviewed Jan-Hendrik, one of the huggers, on Twitter:

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Did this story inspire you? How would you share love and positive attitude with people around you?

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3 Responses to The Story Behind The ‘Free Hugs Tartu’

  1. Maya Kobalia says:

    LOVE it! So positive, inspiring and warm! (like a hug :))

  2. trashge7 says:

    You can’t help but get a smile watching this.  Should try free group hugs.  Would be fun to watch the reactions.  Also would be interesting to keep some stats. Check out to see if Obama needs a hug LOL

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