The Top 10 Stories of 2013

As we have stepped into the new year, let’s look at the most-read stories on UT Blog in 2013. Each of these has had at least one thousand unique views, and our visitors spent more than eleven minutes on average reading them.How to become number 1

1. 7 Recipes for Becoming a Top Researcher

Read the 7 recipes on how to become a top researcher, kindly shared by the UT Professor of Experimental Psychology Jüri Allik who belongs to the top 1 per cent of the world’s most-cited scientists in his field.

2. The Curious Case of Estonia’s Fashion Sense

Natalia Hoffman, an independent researcher into the Estonian visual communication in 2013, has examined the local fashion scene (including junk shops and flea markets) and came out with some interesting observations.

3. Anti-Ageing Lifestyle Keeps You Young for Longer

Kadi-Kai Eljaste, a student of the international master’s programme in Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management, writes about how and why our lifestyle choices can prevent premature ageing and increase mental and physical well-being.

4. To Drink, or Not To Drink?

Why do people drink when the results can often be catastrophic? Aimar Ventsel, a Senior Researcher at the UT Department of Ethnology, shows that similarly to over-indulging in booze, abstaining can lead to uncomfortable situations, too.

5. Religious People More Prone to Depression?

What is the connection between a person’s worldview and the risk of becoming depressed? An international study shed some light on the links between religiousness, spirituality, and depression.

6. What Do Women Appreciate in Men?

Men’s slender body is even more enticing to women than an alpha-male face, according to a study co-authored by Indrikis Krams, a visiting professor at the University of Tartu.

7. Silent and Slow Estonians, Emotional and Fast Russians

What happens when an Estonian and a Russian meet? See the outcomes of a new study about ethnic stereotypes and communication patterns.

8. Estonian Student Satellite ESTCube-1 Set for Launch

Estonia conducted its first space mission in April 2013. Around 100 students and scientists have contributed to creation of the roughly one-kilogram satellite. It was used as the basis for 40 research projects and three doctoral theses. The project and its leader Mart Noorma picked up multiple awards in Estonia.

9. To Be Estonian – It Sucks! Or not?

See why it may suck to be Estonian and what UT researchers and students think about a popular parody of Estonian moaning and self-pity, also serving as a handy introduction to Estonian history.

10. 4 New Recipes for Becoming a Top Researcher

This is a valuable addition to the 7 recipes for becoming a top researcher (see the top one story above), presented by the UT Professor of Experimental Psychology Jüri Allik.

Did you have a favorite story on our blog last year? Please let us know in the comments!

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