The winner of the UT Blog competition is… *drum roll*

As many of you may or may not know, we had a UT Blog competition going on. We received six awesome blog posts from the most awesome students. They had the chance to write about anything they had a passion for which has a connection to the University of Tartu. They were allowed do it by themselves or with friends – it was totally up to them!

Source: Pixabay, edited by Karl

All articles were well written and used different ways of telling stories. They all were definitely interesting and informative. It was very hard for the jury to choose the winner, to pick the best one, as the competition was really even.

And finally, the winner is – ***drum roll*** – Iverson NG. We’ll get in touch with the winner to hand over the prize – a €50 gift card. Congratulations! Well done! To the others, you all did great work and we’ll publish some of these stories in the upcoming month.

Read the winning story of the UT Blog competition here: A Game-Changing Letter from the Future

Last, but not least, please meet our jury members who made this hard decision:

Katerine Bogdanova – International Student Ambassador. Studies Democracy and Governance at the University of Tartu. Read more about her here.

Katria Helena Komp – a first-year Communication, Journalism, and International Relations student at the University of Tartu who also writes a lifestyle blog on different topics.

And me: Karl Vetemaa – Social Media Specialist at the University of Tartu and a Communication Specialist at Creative Estonia. Studied Public Relations.

Thank you Katerine and Katria Helena for volunteering!


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