Top 10 Most Read Stories from 2018

We are most excited for 2019. But before we go ahead, let’s look back at the best and the worst from the previous year. We’ll save you from the worst and keep it for our own learning, but share with you the most valuable stuff on our blog from 2018. Here come our most popular stories for your reading pleasure:

1. Doctoral Students’ Stories – Reasons to Undertake the Journey

Doctoral students share their stories, victories, and challenges. Full disclosure: gathering positive stories turned out to be a much more difficult task than finding negative ones.

Marriage vs the Ph.D.
Marriage vs The Ph.D. Author / Source: PhD Comics

2. How to start writing – the most useful tips!

Learn about the typical myths to postpone writing, two golden hours, tips on how to stay focused for these two hours, why you should share your first draft with supervisor or co-authors rather sooner than later, setting priorities, and “snack” writing.

3. Honest advice from current international students

The University of Tartu took part in an international student survey. As a part of the survey, our international degree and exchange students could give advice to new students. Here’s what they said.

…don’t be scared to make this decision

Here's to tough decisions

4. I am the one who knocks – overcoming the small cultural differences on a term abroad

Kathrin Hüing from Germany was an Erasmus student in Tartu, studying English and Estonian culture. She shares her impressions of Tartu.

5. Neuroscientist Jaan Aru: smart devices don’t make you better in your work

Touching the smartphone is an addiction, and neuroscientist Jaan Aru explains why touching the phone is one of the most mysterious and dangerous habits.

graffiti of people checking their smartphones
Smartphones control our attention and therefore our time and the future. Author: Jeanne Menjoulet / Flickr Creative Commons

6. Survey among UT international students: 97% would recommend UT for studies

We conducted a survey among international degree students in summer 2017. The purpose of the survey was to better understand how current international students made their decision to come to study in Estonia.

7. Scientists, students, and companies interested in scientific cooperation will start working together

In August, Delta Centre received its cornerstone. It will be built in the city centre of Tartu, next to the shore of Emajõgi river. Scientists, students, and companies interested in scientific cooperation will start working there.

Delta Centre
Delta Centre will be finished by 2020. Author: arhitekt11 OÜ

8. The New Rector of the University of Tartu is a Man of Action

Colleagues say that Toomas Asser, who was elected rector on 26 April, is a true Estonian in the best sense of the word: he says a lot in few words and does even more.

9. Scientists Explain Why You Should Get a Real Spruce for Your Room, Not a Plastic One

Estonian scientists analysed Christmas trees: What is a plastic Christmas tree made of? Should we prefer plastic or real Christmas trees?

10. Eduardo from Mexico Adores Arvo Pärt and Eerie Estonia

Young philosopher and poet Eduardo Torres shares his story of falling in love with Arvo Pärt and Estonia.

Eduardo Torres and Arvo Pärt
Eduardo Torres and Arvo Pärt. Photo from private collection

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