UT Gangnam Style: Behind the Scenes

In less than a month, a group of our students produced an impressive Gangnam style video that has already collected almost 35,000 views since its release last Wednesday:

While it must have been super fun to make, there is no doubt that a huge load of work, sweat and possibly some tears were involved as well. If some people whinge that all this creative energy and passion could better be applied to studying, then the obvious thing is that the resulting video is a remarkable achievement showing off a whole set of skills, including project, time and team management; cooperation and negotiation; marketing; video production and editing; not to speak of the acting and dancing.

University of Tartu Gangnam style

Shooting Gangnam style in front of the university’s Main Building. Photo by Inga Külmoja.

Right after the video release excitement at the university’s Assembly Hall last Wednesday, the ‘Gangnam gang’ sat down  for a quick behind-the-scenes interview for our blog: doctoral student of sociology Eveliis, master student of IT security and the king of dance Vignesh from India, and student of economics and IT and member of ESN Tartu Mariin. The project’s super achiever Marge was missing from this chat, but she was strongly on the minds and tongues of her buddies throughout our conversation.

We talked about how the idea was born; whether they still like Gangnam style and what they think about PSY; about the biggest moments, surprises and challenges during the project; and about the project’s fastest learner who inspired the rest of the team and could possibly inspire you as well.

Special credit goes to the UTTV team, who stepped out of their comfort zone and normal business hours to shoot and help edit something quite different from the usual academic and university events.

Listen to the interview with the ‘Gangnam gang’:

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