What Our Facebook Community Likes

Ever since the moment we hit a certain fan number count, Facebook has kindly provided us with some generalised info on who the University of Tartu’s fans, or ‘likers’, are. We once shared this nice graph with demographic info on our Facebook wall, and it received generous feedback from the community.

Here is an up-to-date blueprint of UT’s Facebook community:

The University of Tartu's Facebook page user demographics

According to Facebook, the info on countries and cities is based on the geolocation of users’ IP addresses, whereas the language data comes from the users’ default language setting selected when accessing Facebook.

As Facebook has evolved, page admins started to see a  list of “Recommended Pages” with a standard notice: “[X number] of your fans like this/him/her”. The list is populated anew every time you refresh the page, and most pages show up again after a few refreshes.

It’s a nice feature since it gives us a better sense of what our communities’ interests are. However, it is somewhat embarrassing that within an interval of 20 seconds or so, the number of “your fans liking this” may change quite significantly. The biggest change that I noticed was from 988 to 852. While this shows that Facebook data may not be particularly credible, it’s still great to get these clues and hints about the community, and to be able to share them.

So, here are (some of) the pages that more than 500 of the University of Tartu’s fans currently like:

Facebook pages the University of Tartu's fans likeHow about you, are you a fan of Kingakaubamaja yet? 😉

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3 Responses to What Our Facebook Community Likes

  1. Arnis Supe says:

    Queen is the most “Liked” band. Cool! 🙂

  2. Maya Kobalia says:

    Tallinn, Tartu, Tbilisi <3 <3 <3

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