Why This Blog?

“Perhaps it’s meant to coincide with the new academic year,” you might think. This is a good occasion indeed, but not good enough to be a good reason.

Although our university communities are doing well on Facebook and Twitter, we seem to be missing a spacious forum where intriguing research, new ideas, valuable experience, campus life and so much more could be shared and discussed within our academic family.

Well, some of you may be aware of our monthly newsletter, but it has been more of a one-way channel so far. Hopefully this will change radically with this blog in place.

So what are we planning here? We’d like to offer you thought-provoking research stories, posts by our talented student authors, video interviews, podcasts and plentiful opportunities to be a part of interesting discussions.

However, dear reader, our ambitious plans also involve you. There is no way for us to know whether something is truly exciting or boring if you don’t tell us. Your feedback is essential for us to shape and direct this blog as it unfolds in the future.

We are convinced that thoughtful comments, opinions and questions add great value for both authors and readers. That’s why we promise that your contribution will be noticed 🙂

So, to start with, please tell us what you’d like to see, hear or read on this blog.

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